How to find good staff for a good restaurant?

The business you have dreamed of has become a reality. The mind-boggling stages of planning are over and the many nights you were sleepless because of endless preoccupations has come to the end of the road. Before you is the facade of your new restaurant, days before the opening. All the necessities have found their place in your elegant kitchen and the only concern now that you’ve been thinking is: “What kind of people will I be working with?”

Most businessmen have failed to look at the picture of what’s going to happen to their business if they hired a few bad eggs to run the establishment. Attitude or character is tested through time, and true colours usually manifest over a year or two in the service. Reality tells us that people change, and so is their commitment and dedication to their work. So, for the second time, you have second thoughts on whether or not you have chosen the right people for the job.

To help you go over this staffing problem, here are a few helpful tips to consider before opening your restaurant to your customers who want to find places to eat in Hervey Bay:

Go for attitude, not aptitude

More often than not, human resource officers prefer skills over character. While this is not applicable at all times or at all levels, a single misdemeanours could ruin the reputation you wanted to protect this whole time. Remember that your business is a venue for social gatherings, where people don’t gather for food but also for friendship and socialisations. If one of your waiters suddenly become irate with a paying customer, you’re assured the next day that a few of those who witnessed the commotion will probably hesitate to come back and enjoy your services.

Consider consistency as your priority

Even the most ordinary customer could recall the taste of the food that was eaten a week ago. Customers come back for more with a valid reason. The food you are cooking and serving is truly excellent or superb. Any slight changes in taste, appearance or texture in an a la carte could change the appetite of your diners. It’s not by chance that your chef was able to do it well the other day. There must be some sort of human mistake when a pinch of salt became the sea of insult.

Hire someone who is a certified and verified neighbourhood

No owner or manager would like to see and hear employees getting absent or late almost every day. It’s not only embarrassing but also insulting to management. Work productivity and performance are also at stake, and your restaurant might be on the verge of shutting down because of these manageable problems. Better yet, accept applicants whom you can hear singing in a shower while preparing his shift.

Experience is good, but we prefer talent

Why not include this slogan in your recruitment for restaurant employees. It’s always best to remember that experiences could just be a word of mouth or fabricated just to get a job. When a talented applicant approaches your HR, you will be surprised at how he or she speaks of unique culinary ideas. To make things clear once and for all, released him, not out of your door but to your elegant kitchen and test his talent of what to serve in table d’ hote.

A lot of these and more could help you scout the best candidate to work in your restaurant. Don’t just settle for the executive chef and the sous-chef. Always make certain that your manager and the rest of your employees and support staff have their food safety certifications brought with them to prove they’re worthy of your trust and confidence.