Corporate Uniforms

Information on Corporate Uniforms in Brisbane

Corporate uniforms can provide an extensive range of custom styles or manufactures a unique uniform that will be exclusive to your business in Brisbane. Brisbane designs, manufactures, and supplies quality corporate uniforms to businesses in Australia. Besides, you can get uniqueness in your brands that will cause them to be recognised instantly.

Corporate clothing can offer customers with the best uniform solutions that add value to the success of their business. As your employees put on the uniform, the display your corporate logos and colours. This can help you promote your brand awareness and differentiates your business from competitors in the market.

Some examples of embroidered uniforms includes polos, hats, shirts, and aprons. This can create a stylish and professional look for your personnel. Ideally, the whole picture will make your business appear refined and professional.

Here are the benefits of acquiring your corporate uniforms in Brisbane;

  • Creates eye-catching corporate image: By choosing a suitable uniform for your staffs, you will immediately establish a professional image in your business that can attract potential customers and retain the existing ones. Apparently, it will create an impact through customised marketing solutions that will bear your company’s name, image or log.
  • Improves your company’s brand: When you have staffs in uniforms that display corporate colours and logos, this will differentiate your business in the market and thus help to improve the brand awareness of your business.
  • Free publicity: With uniforms that are well designed worn by your staffs in public, they will serve as mobile billboards thus advertising your business products and services at no cost.
  • Enhances security: Corporate wear in Brisbane will feature certain colours or styles that quickly identify strangers at workplace. This, in turn, improves security measures in your business.
  • Fosters a team spirit: Brisbane’s corporate uniforms will encourage a sense of belonging and workforce spirit. This, in turn, can improve worker productivity as they will all work together towards meeting your business objective.
  • Improves your customer’s dealings: Corporate informs in Brisbane can directly identify the organisation’s representatives who they can approach for procuring information. As a results, it improves the overall customer service of your business.
  • Stimulate the company’s pride: Brisbane offers high-quality embroidery services as well as sublimation and printing solutions. You can always instil a sense of pride in your staffs and increasing their responsibility by converting into brand ambassadors outside the actual workplace. This can be achieved by ensuring that they wear corporate uniforms.
  • Motivational boost: It does not only stylishly represent your company’s brand, but it will make staffs to appear smart while wearing the snappy apparel, thus boosting their work morale. Such employees will wear them with pride to indicate where they belong if given a chance.


You can always set a standard in your business environment, occasions, displays and even on the roads. Having the right uniform will help you to instil a sense of pride and a reflective sophistication of your product.  With corporate work wear in Brisbane, you will be able to kit out your workers in a stylish and comfortable apparel that will improve the corporate image. Find the newest styles, colours and fabrics for different tasks right from the factory, to the office and playfields in Brisbane.

Winery Tours

The Benefits of Wine Tours Compared to Individual Visits

Are you considering taking a wine tasting tour? Have you decided to indulge your taste buds for a day to taste some of the best wines in Perth?  However, the major question is how to get to the vineries and come back all happy and sated? You may try three to ten wines and you have got to make sure you have someone to drive you back because even these little sips can add up into a heady mixture.

The following are a few benefits of taking a wine tour compared to a solo visit. These include

 You get to know the local wineries

The key is to find the wineries you plan to visit and which would offer you the best wine tasting experience. You can type up for some information on the internet and you would be flooded with choices. The concern is which vinery is best suited for you? Go for a wine tasting tour which has already been undertaken by someone, this way you can ask them about their firsthand experience. Plus you get a fairly good idea of how long you might stop at each farm and what time would you get back. Plus not having to worry about rushing from one place to another, with a tour guide handling everything can be a great benefit.

You can swallow the wine instead of spitting it out

Let’s face it, you are going for a wine tasting tour, you have invested in it and you don’t get to swallow your wine just because you need to drive back safe? Sounds pretty boring. This can be handled if you go on a wine tasting tour instead of going solo.  This is a sure fire way to have a great time without having to worry about how you will get back home. So indulge your taste buds, throw caution to the air and enjoy the best wine tasting tour in Perth.

You get to know about all local wines

If you are a true connoisseur of wine you may have the knowledge but for a newbie first-hand knowledge of different kind of wines and grapes can be an added plus. It’s interesting as ell and a great way to start developing your palate. You also get to hear all kind of amusing anecdotes related to a specific kind of wine. This helps make the tour all the more interesting.

An improved wine tasting experience

Seasoned wine tasters know that certain wines give a better burst of flavor when imbibed over certain condiments. When sampling fine wines you must look for the taste of cherries or fine cigars. If the tour guide helps you by giving you the right kind of information, wine tasting becomes all the more fun.

You also get firsthand information on which wine tastes best for some people. Whether you have a seasoned palate or that of a newbie, a wine tasting tour is sure to give you a great deal of information.

For more information on wine tours in Perth and the Swan Valley, make sure you contact an authorised company.


Lawn Bowls & Wine – Why Not?

Lawn Bowls – The Historical Perspective

Lawn bowls is a game which is popular across the world. However it actually originated in Scotland. Following is a brief history of the now widely popular game.

The Scottish bowling association was formed in 1892. Just a year later a list of rules was designed based on Mitchell’s code. The bowling association is now known as Bowls Scotland. The English Bowling Association was formed in 1903. Its first president was W. G .Grace, who is also known for his greater contribution to cricket.

The International Bowling Board was formed in 1905 with Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales being the foundation members. New Zealand became a member in 1928 and subsequently Australia, Canada, South Africa and United States of America. The international bowling board is now known as World Bowls. When bowling you need to ensure you are in the correct attire – wear the correct lawn bowls apparel and clothing when on the green.

The history of lawn bowls

According to historians, it seems that bowling somehow originated from the Egyptians. They were known to play a game called skittles with rounded stones. However the game became popular across the world and took on various forms.

Lawn bowls today takes its inspiration from a modern day game called curling which is played on ice in Canada. The first game of lawn bowls was played on the Southampton ground in England. The use of a bias was introduced in 1522 by Duke of Suffolk. While playing his bowl split into two, as a result he used the knob of the stair case as a replacement. He made use of the flat side of the knob to roll with a bias. He experimented by curving his bowl into other bowls and thus bias bowls became popular from then on.

One of the most famous stories connected to the lawn bowls dates back to the time when Sir Frances Drake, the duke of Suffolk heard that the Spanish Armada had been spotted in 1588. His response was epic when he said that there was ample time to win the game and smash the Spaniards as well. He then nonchalantly finished the game while the British Navy defeated the Armada. Though there is a great deal of controversy whether this actually happened or is just a work of fiction.

Henry the VIII was an avid lawn bowler as well. However, he passed a law that those who weren’t wealthy or too well of wouldn’t be able to play the game. This was because he believed that the lower classes spent most of their time practicing recreational sports instead of focusing on furthering their income or working hard. Anyone who wanted to keep the green would need to pay a fee of hundred pounds. The green was meant for private play and anyone was forbidden to play the game within the vicinity of their home or lawn. King James one never promoted games like Foot Ball, he encouraged people to indulge in a game of lawn bowls.

The English and Scottish people brought lawn bowls to America. The first bowling green was designed in Virginia in 1632 and there are many towns across states which have been named bowling greens.

Today lawn bowls is played with much enthusiasm across the world with competition carried out with great fervor.



Salitage Announces Sportswear Partnership

Australian Sportswear & Salitage

How to Choose the Right Workout Clothes

Exercising can take its toll. After any work out you are bound to feel fatigued and tired. However, wearing the right Australian sportswear can make your work out much better. So how do you go about selecting the right workout clothes? It’s pretty simple, just make sure you keep the bellow mentioned things in mind the next time you go shopping for fitness wear.

Choosing the correct fabric for Australian sportswear

Its important that you choose the right kind of fabric for your workout clothes. There are certain fabrics which are breathable and also wick the sweat away from your body. So the next time you have a tough session you wouldn’t b drowning in your own pool of sweat. These are made from polypropylene which help to dry the sweat up immediately and provides your body with a cooling effect.

Avoid wearing work out clothes made from cotton. Though they are softer, they don’t normally allow the sweat to evaporate and therefore sweat gets absorbed by the cotton fiber. These clothes then ted to stick to your body and get heavier as you sweat more profusely. When doing extreme workouts, avoid wearing cotton clothing.

Avoid rubber based clothing. These my cause an elevation in your body’s temperature.

Buy sportswear which fits well

Choosing clothes which fit well is half the battle won for a great workout. Make sure of the following things when considering the fit of the clothes.

  • Avoid wearing clothes which are loose and flap about. You don’t want to be distracted while working out.
  • If you plan on doing pilates make sure you choose clothes which fit well but can stretch well too.
  • Any clothes you wear must help in improving your work out, not flap abut or distract you.

Buy clothes according to the season

Clothes change with the season and that goes for workout clothes as well. If you plan to exercise during the summers then make sure you get clothes which are sweat absorbent yet breathable these clothes should help make the work out more productive instead of weighing you down. Anything which is too loose and flappy would only distract you. Make sure you try a few sizes before picking up one on a random basis.

Similarly if you plan to work out during the cold weather you need clothes which help keep your body warm. You don’t want to suffer any cramps while working out. Clothes which help regulate your body’s temperature are your best choice. Also avoid wearing clothes which might be too flimsy. Also make sure that our ears and eyes are well protected by selecting the right workout gear.

Wear a top which insulates the heat and helps protect you from the cold weather. Just because the temperature outside is falling doesn’t mean you to have to compromise on your workouts. Make the most of your workouts by selecting the right Australian sportswear.

Are you looking for the best Australian sportswear? Make sure you check out the collection available at EVO Sportswear.

About Us


Salitage is a premium fine wine producer located in the beautiful and spectacular viticultural region of Pemberton, in the south west of Western Australia.

James Halliday described Salitage as: the most important winery in the Pemberton region. Salitage is the showpiece of Pemberton. If it had failed to live up to expectations it is a fair bet the same fate would have befallen the whole Pemberton region.
James Halliday,
Wine writer & Author

Thirty years later Pemberton is recognised as one of the premier cool climate wine regions in Australia and Salitage continues to lead exporting to more than 15 countries around the world.

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John and Jenny Horgan entered the fine wine business more than three decades ago as pioneers in the fledgling Margaret River region.

In the late 70’s John worked and studied under the guidance of Robert Mondavi in Oakville, California and in 1985 purchased an equity in the famous Premier Cru winery, Domaine de la Pousse D’or in the Cote D’or region of Burgundy.

This collective experience, spanning 30 years in Australia, USA and France led to the establishment of Salitage at Pemberton, Western Australia.

Salitage again awarded ‘Star Cellar Door’ for Pemberton Wine Region by Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine

Cellar Door Hours.

Our cellar door is open for tasting and sales between 10am and 4pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

The cellar door is closed on Wednesday and Thursday.